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Week 12 Prenatal Appointment Prep

What to ExpectDuring your 12 week appointment your healthcare provider will check your weight, blood pressure, and urine; measure your abdomen; check the position of your baby; listen to your baby’s heartbeat (with modern Doppler devices, a fetal heartbeat can be heard at 10-12 weeks!); order blood work, and perform other exams and tests.This prenatal […]

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Week 8 Prenatal Appointment Prep

What To Expect​During your 8 week appointment your healthcare provider will check your overall health and identify any factors that put you at risk for pregnancy, birth or fetal complications. Your medical history will be taken, and a thorough physical examination will completed—including a pelvic exam, breast exam, urine test, pap smear, and blood work. […]

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Life Insurance—Helps You Provide Your Baby Some Financial Security

In most cases, the fact that you are pregnant will have no effect on your life insurance rates. In fact, most insurance carriers will issue affordable life insurance coverage to you if you are carrying a single baby, applying during your first or second trimester, and have no complications. It is true however, if you […]

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Nursery Nuances—Have Fun!

If you haven’t already started to make plans for your baby’s nursery, now’s the time to do so. Friends and family will be increasingly looking at your baby registry from now on—so be sure to include those specific nursery items you’d like! When coming up with your nursery plan remember to think three words: fun, functional, […]

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