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PreTRM Test Received the Utah Innovation Award in Life Sciences/Biotech

We’re very proud to announce that the PreTRM® test received the Utah Innovation Award in the Life Sciences/Biotech sector. The award was presented at the 14th annual Innovation Award luncheon sponsored by Stoel Rives, LLP and the Utah Technology Council on May 11th.

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15 things you should know when you have a baby in the NICU

As a NICU nurse, I have first-hand experience helping babies and parents. I would like to share these tips you should know if your baby is in the NICU.

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Premature Birth Facts That You Might Not Know

What’s all the fuss about premature birth?

Why is premature (or preterm) birth such a big deal? I had no idea that a premature baby – one who is born before 37 weeks – is actually a very common thing. And I had no idea that a premature baby has way bigger consequences than just a week or two in the NICU.

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Standing at the Kitchen Sink: The surreal experience of having my baby 5 weeks early

If a doctor could have spared me the feelings of helplessness, guilt and sadness when my water broke by informing me during my pregnancy that this might happen, I would have greater peace of mind knowing I had done everything in my power to take him to full-term.

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Let Women Choose to Understand Prematurity

This month’s contributor is Gina Schroeder of Phoenix, AZ. A professional make-up artist, Gina is Mom to two preemies—Haley, born at 31 weeks, and Brendan, born at 36 weeks. In this month’s blog, she tells us about having Haley at 31 weeks.

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I thought I wouldn’t mind going early…until it actually happened (the worst day of my life)

Imagine: I am almost 36 weeks pregnant. My ankles and feet are so swollen, I can barely look at shoes, let alone get them on. I feel horrible. I have gestational diabetes. I am depressed. I’m just not ‘me’. I keep thinking, ‘please let me go early…please let me go early…please let me go early.’

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