Did You Know 98% Of Babies Emerge Before The End Of Week 42—Maybe Yours Will Too!

Did you know that as long as your baby has plenty of amniotic fluid, is breathing and moving well, has a healthy heart rate, and is being watched carefully, he/she is still doing just fine still in utero? By the end of week 42 your pregnancy risks increase, and your doctor may recommend a medical labor induction soon if tests show that it’s less safe for your baby to stay in utero. Be sure to ask your healthcare provider if there is any time to still consider natural methods to induce labor. If not, the ways your healthcare provider might induce labor include:

  • Stripping the membranes—healthcare provider uses a finger to swipe around the amniotic sac. The hormones released often cause contractions within 48 hours.
  • Breaking your water—healthcare provider uses an instrument to break the amniotic sac. This usually causes contractions in about an hour or two.
  • Ripening your cervix—healthcare provider inserts vaginally a medication called prostaglandin to dilate the cervix.
  • Stimulating contractions—healthcare provider hooks you up to an IV with a synthetic version of the hormone oxytocin. This medication gets contractions started.