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Preterm babies come with significant health as well as financial burdens.

10x increase cost

for a preterm versus a term birth4

$54,194 average cost

for a preterm baby today4

40% increase

in first year visits to pediatricians for babies born preterm4

The value of the PreTRM® test

  • Predict preterm birth risk in asymptomatic patients
  • Identify preterm birth risk early in the pregnancy – before symptoms occur and preterm labor begins
  • Provide physicians with a tool to make individual patient management decisions with the goal of prolonging pregnancy, designed to help improve neonatal outcomes and achieve healthcare savings

Cost of Premature Birth4,18

The cost of premature birth (preterm birth) is impacted by many different factors. In 2005,  the estimated financial cost of premature birth in the U.S. was $26.2 billion (Institute of Medicine 2007). Premature birth costs include:
  • Labor and delivery costs for the mom
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) costs for the baby
  • Early intervention services to address disabilities and developmental delays
  • Special education services for long-term developmental/learning issues

Labor/Delivery/NICU Costs - The March of Dimes estimates a premature baby costs 10 times more than a full-term baby. The quantifiable estimates are $54,194 for a preterm baby versus $4,384 for a full-term baby. Included in these costs are the birth and extended hospital stay in the NICU for the baby.

Early Childhood Cost – During the first year of life, a premature baby may suffer from respiratory, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as poor temperature and metabolism control, and anemia. The newborn may require monitoring and treatments to address the specific medical conditions. Babies born prematurely have on average 20 physician office visits during the first year of life compared to 14 for a full-term baby.

Long-term Issues – Half of cerebral palsy sufferers were born prematurely. Due to the neurological and respiratory issues associated with cerebral palsy, these patients require long-term monitoring and care. Additional long-term premature birth issues could include impaired cognitive skills, hearing and vision problems, and asthma. Recent research is studying a possible link between premature birth and autism.