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Each of the 8 topics below are crucial for understanding premature birth risk and the PreTRM® test, and take just 8 minutes to read.


The March of Dimes estimates that a premature baby is born every :02 seconds in the United States of America, will yours be one of them?

Dear Future Mother,

Not enough women are aware of the statistics and issues around premature birth. The prevailing thought is that “it won’t happen to me, and even if it does, today’s modern NICUs are more than capable of ensuring the health of my tiny baby."

While true, modern NICUs are amazing, the fetal development that happens in the mother’s womb with each passing day is critical to a baby’s health and well-being for its short and long-term healthy development.

There is a first-of-its-kind clinically validated blood test, the PreTRM test, pregnant mothers can take with her doctor’s prescription, during ​the19th or 20th week of pregnancy, that predicts ​the individual risk for a premature birth. This information can be used ​by your health care provider in developing the best possible care plan for your pregnancy.

Please take a few minutes to educate yourself on premature birth and the impact of knowing your individual risk.

-The PreTRM® Team