Mom’s “Fourth Trimester” Postpartum Depression Awareness—And Postpartum Care Plan Development

Postpartum depression is a type of depression that you might suffers after the birth of your child. It’s different than what people refer to as “baby blues” which usually lasts only a few days or few weeks after delivery. Postpartum depression usually lasts much longer, and usually requires seeing a healthcare professional, and possibly taking medication. With postpartum depression you may feel uncontrollably sad, empty, angry, and overwhelmed. You usually feel no mommy bliss; and sometime you might have thoughts of doing harm to yourself or your baby.

Without a doubt postpartum depression is a pregnancy complications that women and healthcare providers need to talk more about. With early detection, proper diagnosis, and treatment you usually have positive outcomes and can get back to health. Getting help is the key.

Of note, you and your healthcare provider might think about creating a postpartum care plan for you now that your little one has arrived. Think of it as you did of your birth plan—as a wish list of health-related preferences for you moving forward as a new mom and parent. Components of your postpartum care plan might include:

  • A list of healthcare providers (and family members/friends) who are providing support to you and your newborn moving forward
  • Your “fourth trimester” self-care activity plan
  • Desired postpartum healthcare visits/schedule
  • Infant feeding plan (method and resources needed)
  • Postpartum-related questions needing answers
  • Healthcare-related insurance questions needing answers