7 Top Pregnancy Apps for Moms to Be

When it comes to pregnancy, the technological advances that can make an expectant mother's life easier are just as abundant as the medical ones. Each app offers something unique. From community forums and innovative tracking features to next-level 3D interaction with your baby, these free pregnancy apps have it all.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

Full of useful features and favored for its community forum of moms-to-be, BabyBump Pregnancy Pro is both comprehensive and intuitively designed. It's easy-to-use and lets you track almost anything: baby weight, belly measurement, due date countdown, baby kicks--even contractions. A thorough conception, BabyBump keeps you dialed in right up until dilation.


A seamless experience between their website and its apps (My Pregnancy Today and My Baby Today) BabyCenter is a hub of information. It helps you track your pregnancy, connect with other moms-to-be, and find answers to your questions through informative content. BabyCenter offers a cross-functional platform for more versatility, whether you're on a phone or your laptop.

The Bump

Watch your baby grow in the form of a cute fruit thanks to an illustrative week-by-week pregnancy progress report. You can even create weekly photo albums to capture the cuteness. The Bump is also a favorite app of moms-to-be for its open dialogue with the app's content creators, other moms, and even medical experts.

Glow Nurture

Pregnancy is hard, and no two pregnancies are the same. Glow Nurture was created to support expectant mothers by tracking all the important health details for you. It also provides helpful tips like trimester checklists and what to expect at the hospital. It also connects expectant moms with shared due dates for a strong community feeling. Like they say: it takes a village!

Ovia Pregnancy

Few things in life will put your organizational skills to the test like a pregnancy. With the Ovia Pregnancy app, high-tech meets high-touch with its thoughtful design that approaches your pregnancy, holistically. It customizes your pregnancy by tracking not only vital stats but also your symptoms, moods, and sleep patterns as well. You can even add personal details like your age and BMI for pregnancy timeline guidelines that cater to you.

Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout personalizes your pregnancy in a way few other apps do. Through 3D imagery, you can combine pictures of your belly with your ultrasound pictures. The end result is a 3D experience of photo-matching with your baby, right up until birth. Another fun feature is daily and weekly tracking. Sprout truly shines at helping you create special moments with your baby before they're even born.

What to Expect

Created by the authors of and named after the quintessential book What to Expect When You're Expecting, this app is like having the book in your pocket. A wealth of information, What to Expect delivers pregnancy facts, tips, and tricks. Keep track of your pregnancy progress with fetal development milestones and due date calculation. You might not be able to expect everything about your pregnancy, but this app's a good start to trying!