Try These Proven Methods Of Calming Your Newborn—At Least One Is Bound To Work!

For certain, your newborn will cry for different reasons (and you will soon know them all). Calming those cries can be challenging (and tiring) at times for every new mom.

In a nutshell, your newborn will usually be soothed by: low voices, your voice, slow movements, fresh air, nourishment, and lots of cuddling. Of note, many babies are calmed by the sound of a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, car engine, and simple white noise. Maybe your baby will be too!

For calming down and comforting your little one down, try walking, rocking, or swaying him/her in your arms (or front carrier or sling). Nursing will provide both nourishment and tranquility—so try that as well. Other calming activities to try include massaging his/her body, stroking the head, and patting the back. Going outdoors for a while with your newborn offers that calming influence too, as does swaddling and singing.

Remember, your baby will definitely be comforted by sounds similar to what he/she heard in your womb. That’s correct—the sound of your heartbeat and voice (as well as your natural scent during skin-to-skin contact) will always be calming to your baby.