Your Baby’s “Fourth Trimester” Starts At Moment Of Birth And Lasts 3 Months

Your baby’s fourth trimester (first three months outside of your womb) is a period of great change and development as he/she adjusts to the new world outside your womb. Many healthcare professionals and researchers believe the physical and mental strides that your newborn takes during his/her first three months are equal in importance to those taken in your womb. By offering support, love, guidance, and consistency to your newborn over the next three months, you can make your infant’s transitions in sleeping, feeding, learning, and interacting, easier.

During your baby’s first three months outside your womb be sure to give him/her lots of:

  • Skin-to-skin—this offers your baby reassurance and comfort. Your warmth, smell, and that familiar sound of your heartbeat encourages newborn calmness. (He/she will latch on for breastfeeding better too).
  • Feeding on demand—this helps your baby meet his/her energy needs and consistently reassures care and comfort will always be received. 
  • Babywearing—this helps to duplicate the gentleness of connection, movement, and comfort your baby experienced in your womb. He/she will know the sound of your heartbeat when carried across your chest.
  • Swaddling—this creates that peaceful feeling of containment, similar to being in your womb. (It will usually help your baby sleep better and ease some of those moments of crying.)
  • Movement—this will gently steady and comfort your baby because he/she was rocked and lulled by your everyday movements when he/she was inside your womb.