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Working together we can address the problem of preterm birth. Our advances in science identify more pregnancies that may be at higher risk, giving physicians and mothers more control to manage each pregnancy to give babies the best care in life.

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Ordering the PreTRM Test

  1. Healthcare providers can order the PreTRM Test with our online provider portal.
  2. Once the order is placed, Sera’s dedicated support team will assist patients with scheduling their sample collection during the 19th or 20th week of gestation.
  3. A phlebotomist in our broad network will collect the sample and ship it to the Sera Prognostics laboratory for processing.
  4. The PreTRM Test has a fast turnaround from our CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited lab in an average of 7 business days from the receipt of sample.
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PreTRM Intended Use

The PreTRM® Test for Risk Management predicts the risk of spontaneous preterm birth (before 37 weeks) in asymptomatic women (no signs or symptoms of preterm labor with intact membranes) ≥18 years old with a singleton pregnancy. The PreTRM Test is performed via a single blood draw between 19wk/1d-20wk/6d (134-146 days) gestation. It is not intended for use in women who have a multiple pregnancy, have a known or suspected fetal anomaly, or are on any form of progesterone therapy after the first trimester.

  • Women ≥18 years old with a singleton pregnancy
  • Not on heparin therapy
  • No prior history of preterm birth or shortened cervix
  • Asymptomatic for preterm labor
  • Not on progesterone therapy after the first trimester
  • No known or suspected fetal anomaly

Patient Access for PreTRM Testing

Sera believes patients and healthcare providers should have access to the critical information they need to deliver healthy babies. For this reason, we are dedicated to making our high-quality testing affordable. 

Our Patient Access Team will bill your patient’s health plan for the PreTRM Test and will contact your patient to explain any out-of-pocket costs they may owe before sending a bill. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify to assist with out-of-pocket costs, even if they are uninsured.

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