PreTRM Test Affordability

Sera Prognostics believes all mothers and their doctors should have access to critical information about the risk of preterm delivery. We know that accurate risk prediction is a key factor in providing a healthy outcome, and it shouldn’t be limited by the cost of testing. That is why we are committed to making the PreTRM® Test affordable to all, whether or not you have health insurance.

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Is the PreTRM® Test paid for by insurance?

Sera is actively working with health plans to obtain coverage and payment for the PreTRM Test. Some health plans currently pay for the PreTRM Test for eligible members. We are working to educate other plans on the importance of covering and paying for this test. With your consent, Sera will work directly with your plan to seek coverage and payment for the test.

Talk to Your Doctor

We are committed to making the PreTRM Test affordable for all expectant moms. Talk to your doctor about getting tested.

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